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I am Lisa Field.

Seeker and seer.

Writer. Photographer. Witness.

Intersection of contrasts, fusing fragments.

Moments of truth and transparency. Self and other.

The experience of doubt and hunger, crave and longing, humanity and hollows.

And the experience of silent presence, love and grace.

All and Everything. Every day I am here.

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true story.

I came into this world screaming. My first word was No.

I’ve spent my life curious about the human experience.

I started looking for God as a Catholic altar girl at the age of 8. Teenage youth group, campfire confessions, feminism, paganism, natural childbirth, marriage, big trees, desert skies, kundalini yoga and kirtan all formed me. Travel found me. Friends saved me. Sweat renewed me. Mothering fulfilled me. Divorce slayed me. Words affirmed me. Love inspires me. Prayer holds me. Presence sustains me.

My purpose is to tell the truth of my being and perception, to offer you permission to engage and relax in the experience of our living.

I believe there is legitimacy to our longings, and knowing beauty is our birthright. I believe true connection is possible with transparent vulnerability and unfiltered honesty. I believe it doesn’t have to be hard.

My intention is freedom, always.



Born, Winter Solstice, 12/21/1970
First Holy Communion, 1977
First Love, 1987
First Heartbreak, 1989
BA Psychology and Sociology, minor in Women’s Studies, UC Santa Barbara, 1991
200 Hour Massage Therapy Certification, 1994
Married, 1995
Pregnancy massage and Polarity Therapy Certification, 1995
Certified Nursing Assistant Certification, 1995
Became a mother to my daughter, 1996
Doula Certification, 1998
Became a mother to my son, 1999
Moved away from home state to Colorado, 2000
Studied Anatomy, Physiology, Ethics, Chemistry, Biology, Front Range Community College, 2002-2003
Immersion into Kundalini meditation and yoga with Rishi Maha Mandaleshwar Sri Shambhavananda at Eldorado Mountain Yoga Ashram, 2002-2007
BS, Nursing, Regis University, 2004
Obstetric Nursing, High Risk Obstetric Unit, 2005
Moved back to home state of California, 2005
“Undocumented” years involving full-time parenting, marital strife, depression, anxiety, a major surgery, travel, 3 house moves, and deep introspection 2005-2009
Began blogging at Doorways Traveler, 2009
Traveled to India, 2009
Began Photography and writing as profession, 2010
Traveled to Uganda, Amsterdam, England, Mexico, Turkey, Bali and more 2010-2015
Divorced, 2015
New Beginning, Now


the (long)
story of

It was 2008, on a journey to Bali, Indonesia, in the realization of a dream to travel internationally with my family, that the idea of Doorways Traveler was born. Of all the detailed and exquisite creations on that island, it was the doors that called out to me most strongly. I wanted them. I wanted to walk through them, to photograph them, to touch them. I loved how so much care was taken in crafting an artful entrance, how crossing a threshold was made infinitely more special by these doorways. I especially loved the old ones with the layers of peeling paint and the stories they told of years and years of people crossing through.

It was in Bali that I started to know myself as Doorways Traveler and began to envision a life rich with wanderings and creative pursuit. I began blogging in the year after, photography following naturally. Visual details have always been a part of me, tormenting in a way that only beholding the beautiful can finely achieve. For much of my life, I thought it was normal to observe these things and to hold them inside, piled atop one another until I would shut down on occasion under the sheer abundance of it all. Once I found my way back to my camera, something I had studied in my early twenties, I realized that I had a medium that allowed me to reflect the things I see and experience; and to no longer hold them inside. I use cameras as another means to connect. In the process of sharing the images I create, and the stories that stand beside them, I discover who I am, where I fit, and how we all fit together.

Since making an appearance in this online world, I have had opportunities to travel to India, Uganda, the UK, Amsterdam, Mexico, and around my own country. I have made meaningful friendships with people from all over the globe. I have studied with and been in the presence of wise elders, Kundalini swamis, Native and South American shamans, Vedic astrologers, Buddhist teachers, Mystics, Sufi scholars, Yogis, Nobel peace prize winners, midwives, non-profit leaders, noted philanthropists, Ayurvedic healers, neuroscientists, Reiki masters, Environmental educators, psychologists, authors, actors, artists, poets, musicians, filmmakers, architects, and countless other brilliant humans. More than through any other formal education, it is in these relationships that I have recognized my most true and authentic offering. I know for sure that I am here to see and to connect, to offer legitimacy to our longings, and to know beauty as a birthright. I do this now with language and with imagery, and in one on one experience as often as possible. Through all of it, my original intent is met: to seek, find, and travel through doorways to freedom.

Everyone is a teacher. And I am forever learning. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you in the open field.

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