I am Lisa Field.

Photographer. Writer. Witness.

Intersection of contrasts, fusing fragments.

Moments of truth and transparency. Self and other.

The experience of hunger, longing and restless humanity.

And the experience of silent presence, love and grace.

All and Everything. Every day I am here.

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true story.

I came into this world screaming. My first word was No.

I’ve spent my life curious about the human experience.

I started looking for meaning as a Catholic altar girl at the age of 8. Teenage youth group, campfire confessions, feminism, childbirth, big trees, desert skies, yoga and midnight sun all formed me. Travel found me. Friends saved me. Sweat renewed me. Mothering fulfilled me. Words, images, mountains, oceans, touch, and most of all love, affirm, hold, ground, inspire and sustain me.

My purpose is presence and perception, to offer you permission to engage and relax in the experience of our living.

I believe there is legitimacy to our longings, and knowing beauty is our birthright. I believe true connection is possible with transparent vulnerability and unfiltered honesty. I believe it doesn’t have to be hard.

My intention is freedom, the inside kind.


BA Psychology and Sociology, minor in Women’s Studies, UC Santa Barbara, 1991
200 Hour Massage Therapy certification, 1994
Pregnancy massage certification, 1995
Certified Nursing Assistant certification, 1995
Became a mother to my daughter, 1996
Doula certification, 1998
Became a mother to my son, 1999
Studied Anatomy, Physiology, Ethics, Chemistry, Biology, Front Range Community College, 2002-2003
Immersion into Kundalini meditation and yoga, 2002-2007
BS, Nursing, Regis University, 2004
Obstetric Nursing, High Risk Obstetric Unit, 2005
Began photography and writing as profession, 2009
Traveled and worked in India, Africa, Netherlands, England, Mexico, Turkey, Indonesia and more, 2009-2015

Began Last Cut Project, 2016

New Beginning, Every day


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