In the traditions of portraiture and documentary style image making, my focus is on humanity. I am interested in details and emotion, where the blur and the focus meet. The images created reflect spoken and unspoken dialogue, movement, relationship to place, life observed, distinctive features and subtlety of style.




Please note: RAW files are NOT shared with clients, no exceptions. Final selections and editing is the sole discretion of the photographer, and an important step in the artistic process and the completion of our intended vision. This is professional standard practice and critical to the integrity of our work together.


LAST CUTA photo documentary book project about those big life decisions {last cuts} made to bring us closer to living truth and more freedom. Intimate portraiture following artist Samantha Paige through surgical explant and the deep inquiry after, for one year.


The experience of being photographed by and working with Lisa, as we documented a year in my life through Last Cut, is hard to describe in words. She has provided stability and softness to the process of birthing my latest artistic expression. Her dedication to the heart and intention of the project has been profound and steadfast. She consistently evaluated and adjusted to what was called for in order to capture and express every moment in time, feeling, transition, block and breakthrough. She knows how to gently and accurately tease out an unexpressed feeling and share the essence of a tender moment, and then communicate what transpired beautifully through her imagery. She knew when to provide support and stillness and when to ask the questions and guide movement forward to remain in integrity to the greater vision of Last Cut. Lisa has been there in the moments when I needed reassurance and support in breaking through artistic and personal walls, and has also been wholly present to celebrate and embrace the victories. Her integrity and work ethic are stellar, and her heart, vision and love for the creative process and the art are pure and golden. I am infinitely grateful for the support and stewardship over this past year, and unbelievably proud and humbled by what we have birthed together with Last Cut. Lisa bears witness to life’s full spectrum in a most beautiful and powerful way.

~ Samantha Paige, Artist

Have you ever felt so safe with someone that you were willing to travel to places within yourself that you never even knew existed? That is what it’s like to be photographed by Lisa. In our short time together my armor was stripped, my insecurities took a hike and all that was left was pureness of heart. I felt truly seen during our session together and the photos reflect what her heart sees. My soul was elevated that day.

~ Stacy de la Rosa, photographer

I have worked on photo shoots as a hair and make-up artist for the past 19 years. I can tell you that it is always a joy to work with a photographer that you respect professionally as well as enjoy on a personal level. I recently had the pleasure of working with Lisa on a shoot in the lovely Ojai Valley. I was continually impressed by her creativity and keen sense of balance, light and beauty. As a bonus, she is a delightful, gracious woman, bringing humor and a positive, relaxed energy to everyone on the shoot. It was one of the most enjoyable shoots I’ve been on. I can only hope to work with her more!

~ Donna Gast

Lisa captures light. It’s a rare gift. The light within us. That’s my reflection on our time together. She captured the light within me.

~ Michelle Madrid-Branch, Soul Journalist, Author & Advocate

My photo shoot with Lisa was a delight. She works very intuitively but with a foundation of skill and knowledge to fuel her artistic choices. She asked a series of intelligent questions about what I desired in my photos and really heard what I was looking for. On my vision, she delivered 100%. She is a wonderful combination of deeply artistic and perfectly grounded. She knows how to bring out the beauty in people in a very honest way.

~ Safia Ohlson, writer & intuitive

Our session with Lisa was magical! Our session was in direct partnership with nature complete with a beautiful outdoor backdrop, the rising sun and the crisp morning air. Lisa is a gifted photographer and our time with her resulted in vibrant and soul filled images that are a direct reflection of who we are as a couple! You can feel the love and connection between us in our photos and Lisa was a direct part of capturing our deep connection during our “Rite into Light” session. Our final images were spectacular!

~ Melissa and David

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