I am inspired by Emerson, Oliver, Tempest-Williams, Yuknavitch and Erlich. Nature is my muse, solitude is my sanctuary, emotion is my turmoil, relationships are my curiosity, freedom is my arc. I write to understand. To offload. To reach out. I believe we are one, our story is essentially the same. My hope is to offer recognition and understanding, connection in our shared experience, reassurance in our collective fear and longing for grace. My writing lands among poetic prose, personal narrative and philosophic and spiritual exploration.

What I love most about Lisa’s writing is that she doesn’t tip-toe around the Truth of things, even if it’s messy. She dives into the deepest, murkiest waters and brings forth a sparkling array of thought-provoking treasures. Lisa is, in a word, brave – in her writing, in her life, in the way she uses one to celebrate, explore, and make sense of the other.

~ Christine Mason Miller

current projects

The Circle and The Line. Due Fall 2018. A simple book on the shapes of living.

Doorways Traveler. Due Spring 2019. From the archives of online writings spanning 2009-2015, with added stories and insights, and selected photographic imagery. A reflection on finding passages toward freedom.


featured in

crescendoh.com, Art Saves series, contributor
createmixedmedia.com Global Inspirations series, contributor
thousandshadesofgray.com Self Compassion Saturday, contributor
susannahconway.com, guest post The Power of Creative Expression


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For me, Lisa’s writing is part invocation, part invitation, part divination, part divinely-guided human response. Her words call me to gather around me the things I hold most sacred. They draw me in and remind me to have faith in my own timeless wisdom.

~ Leonie Wise

Lisa is an intuitive poet. She writes for those of us who struggle to find words for our inner voices. She has a gift for holding the moments that slip through our fingers like sand, and for giving a shape to feelings. Her words feel like truth. My truth and perhaps yours.

~ Jo Hanon-Moores

Reading Lisa’s “heart songs”…as I see them…allows me a place to dip into the honesty of another…a place where I am invited to see myself reflected back to me with-in her words…a place where I can indulge in another’s story while re-writing my own…

~ Catherine Beerda-Basso

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